Explore the world of 3d food scans

Explore the world of 3d food scans

Need to show some delicious food scans in a close up? We’ve got you covered. All our 3d food scans come with high resolution texture maps, 8k and pbr ready.

We’ve made that uv layouts nice and clean with  well placed seams and non-overlapping uvs.

Keep your 3d scenes light and fast. Each food model is carefully retopologized from millions of polygons to an average of 5k-20k.

easy to use.

No tweaking needed. Pbr texture maps, consequent file naming and a consistent polyflow make using our food scans as easy as placing them in your scene and hit render. We give our best to make every single model an easy-to-use tool, so you as an artist can focus on creating stunning artwork.


Highly detailed food scans.

Impress your customers with a high level of detail in your renders. We baked all the beautiful details of the high poly model into a 32 bit displacement map and a 16 bit normal map. Each 3d food scan comes with a high resolution 8k diffuse, glossiness/roughness, normal and displacement map. Whenever needed a texture map to control subsurface scattering strength and radius is provided as well.

We’re all about food.

Our goal is to provide a diverse selection of food scans for all kinds of projects. We carefully selected the subject for each food model and we’re always on the hunt for new and exciting food to scan.

a growing library.

We currently have over 200 food scans available in our shop and new scans will be added constantly. Explore the shop

Contact us.

If you have any questions or feel like a food scan is missing in our shop just drop us a line to hello@thecreativecrops.com.