Bell Pepper #1

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Highly detailed, photorealistic, 3d scanned model of a green yellow bell pepper. Optimized topology and uv unwrapped.

1 Credit

get credits (or quick buy $19)

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General Info

Nicely organised 3d model, clean mesh (99% quads)
Real world scale, units = cm
High resolution textures (8k)

Model Formats

C4D file with C4D standard materials ready to render
C4D file with Corona materials ready to render
OBJ/ FBX with properly named default materials assigned

Objects, Polycount, UVs

Object count 1
Polycount 5'855
Vertex count 5'857
UV unwrapped (no overlapping UVs)

Texture Maps

Diffuse (png)
Glossiness (png)
Roughness (png)
Normal (tiff)
Displacement (exr)
SSS Mask (png)

Royalty Free License
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