Artichoke #1

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Highly detailed, photorealistic, 3d scanned model of an artichoke. Optimized topology and uv unwrapped.

1 Credit

get credits (or quick buy $19)

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General Info

Nicely organised 3d model, clean mesh (99% quads)
Real world scale, units = cm
High resolution textures (8k)
Studio setup, lights and cameras not included

Model Formats

C4D file with C4D standard materials ready to render
C4D file with Corona materials ready to render
OBJ/ FBX with properly named default materials assigned

Objects, Polycount, UVs

Object count 1
Polycount 14'743
Vertex count 14'744
UV unwrapped (no overlapping UVs)

Texture Maps

Diffuse (png)
Glossiness (png)
Roughness (png)
Normal (tiff)
Displacement (exr)

Royalty Free License
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