How hungry are you?

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$ 19
per Scan*
  • You can also buy our scans using your credit card or paypal account.

You can buy scans with credit card or a paypal account.

 *$19 for standard scans and $38 for complex scans and sets.



$ 16
per Credit
  • Perfect for a product animation where you only need a few food scans.

Not hungry but feeling like a little snack? Then 3 credits might just be what you need.

3 Credits



$ 13
per Credit
  • Ideal for an average size interior viz project.


Feeling hungry? Treat yourself to a nice meal full of delicious food with 6 credits.

6 Credits



$ 9
per Credit
  • That's what you'll need for a large gastro visualization project packed with delicious food.

Working late and you’re stomach is roaring? Go wild and throw yourself a food party with 12 credits.

12 Credits


Pay directly with creditcard, a paypal account or get one of the credit packages for the best pricing.
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